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Life Coaching

Have you been to therapy in the past? Are you already clear on the challenges you face and in need of some support to figure out the path forward? Are you ready for an open and dynamic healing relationship with a mental health professional?

If you answered yes to any of those questions life coaching is perfect for you!

Life coaching is different from therapy in one fundamental way. During our life coaching work we will focus on the present and the steps to move forward. Our conversations will not center around how and why you are where you are but on the way to be different in the future. If that sounds like what you’re looking for then scroll down and get in touch with me today. 

Reasons for Life Coaching

Overcoming Blocks and Challenges

Creating a more blissful, empowered life

Getting out of a rut

Identifying core values and passions

Balancing business and personal life

Moving to the next level in life

Making key decisions and designing strategies for success

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