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If you’ve decided you want to achieve the benefits of working with me but aren’t local or just prefer to work solo, I have just the programs for you.  The 28-Day Spiritual Cleanse and 12 Weeks to a Lighter Life programs will undoubtedly meet your needs. Do them one after the other for a full life overhaul.

28-Day Spiritual Cleanse

The 28-Day Spiritual Cleanse will help you get in touch with your inner self and grow spiritually while learning to let go of things that do not serve you. Each day is packed with information to help you understand more about meditation and its versatility. Additionally, you will dig deep into your own mind to discover thoughts and beliefs that have outlived their usefulness. This spiritual detox will help you to identify the methods that work best for your personal growth and will give you the tools to create a more peaceful, satisfying, successful life. By focusing on your spirit; you will create positive changes in your relationships with yourself and your loved ones.

12 Weeks to a Lighter Life

12 Weeks to a Lighter Life is for you if you are ready to dig deep and explore issues of control and trust in your life. You’ll explore the best ways for you to achieve balance, relieve stress, release negative character traits, and manage emotions in a healthy way.

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