Mindfulness and Meditation

Allow me to take out all the fluff and bring it down to the basics.

“New Age” concepts have seeped into almost every aspect of life. 

I bet that you haven’t gone a day without seeing a message that reminded you to “look within” or told you that “….the Universe has been within you the whole time!”

You likely have seen your share of graphics and other memes to support these quotes, which further motivate you to quickly become enamored with all things Gandhi and beyond. You may even feel its best to be sitting cross-legged while reading this.

It’s quite easy to get lost in all the shiny new ways that the concept of going within can be presented. However, at the end of the day, I know that all you’re looking to do is get some relief from the common tensions of life that can make you feel disconnected, distracted and downright out-of-body.

You want the peace and connection that is part of a high quality life.

Keeping it Simple.

Allow me to take out all the fluff and bring it down to the basics.

Meditation is essentially a daily practice of focusing and quieting your mind that helps bring all the mental chatter to rest, if even for a moment. Cultivating this type of mindfulness will help you remain centered and maintain your center in the most tumultuous of times.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to NOT question your sanity when it seems like your world is falling apart before your very eyes?

It’s more tangible than you may think.

There is No Right or Wrong to Meditating!

When it comes to pouring back into yourself through meditation and trying to keep up with the mystical Joneses, it may seem like you must follow a bunch of rules. These ‘rules’ are meant to ensure that your personal “me-session” is filled with all the oohs and ahs that you hear about when meditation is mentioned anywhere.

The beauty about true meditation is that it’s a one-size-fits-ALL!

Sitting in lotus position with your eyes closed tight and your hands in seemingly weird formations is not the only way you can become more present with yourself at any moment.

Neither is feeling like you have to stick with one kind of meditation. There are many ways to practice meditation according to what you need, which can include meditations for:

  • Manifesting desires
  • Connecting more with nature
  • Cleansing space in home or office
  • Practicing more self-love
  • Being more aware of your body
  • Overcoming addiction 
  • And even washing your dishes!

…In ALL Walks of Life

What really makes meditation great is that it has the power to transcend religious boundaries and helps cater to what you need right at that moment.  Meditation:

> Promotes relaxation

> Helps heal illness

> Cultivates more “chi” or inner life force energy

> Encourages the development of more positive traits, such as patience, love, generosity and forgiveness

> Can be done anywhere and at any time

> Encourages discipline

Let’s dig deeper, shall we? Some of the things you may find yourself doing and using while at your place of worship are not unlike meditation. These meditation practices have a similar thread worldwide throughout many faiths. In some religious spaces, candles are used to set a calming atmosphere. In others, the use of an altar with spiritual statues helps to create a sacred space that heightens focus for quieting the mind. Sometimes even a special cushion and type of incense is used to enhance the experience as well. These and many more simple tools that you’ve seen on a grander scale can be used to help cultivate your own meditative practice in the privacy of your own space!

Keep It Coming!

I am here to show you that there is a way to incorporate simple, effective meditative practices that will help to shift your life in the ways that best suit YOU! There is no longer a need to feel overwhelmed by the thought of doing something that will improve every part of your life, for the rest of your life.  Your time here on this planet shouldn’t be bogged down with worry after worry while feeling suffocated by every stressful situation you can think of. Your daily life doesn’t always have to be too hard to bear! And if it is, having a useful toolbox that will get you through those hard times will give you confidence to move forward.

I want to see you happy, in flow and at peace in your life right where you are. I also would love for you to have something that you can always refer to, no matter what your background is. There are no limits to the benefits that meditation can provide you.

Through my six-week Intro to Meditation course, you get full access to all the meditation tidbits I gave you above, including others such as:

  • More detailed advice on meditation tools
  • Breathing techniques
  • How to incorporate meditation into your busy life
  • Balancing your chakras
  • Learning how to relate meditation to your specific faith
  • Overcoming resistance and recognizing blockages
  • Adding mantras and affirmations to your practice
  • And many more great resources!

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself remembering most of my tips off the top of your head and be able to initiate them when your spirit needs a little boost.

Your world has just expanded with the realization that you now have knowledge that can help navigate through life a little better. Take a deep, refreshing breath and embrace the newfound mindfulness on which you are embarking.

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