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In 2004 I was a depressed, exhausted, single mom of an AMAZING little girl. I had almost no money and it was clear that without large sums of cash up front there was no place that was going to help me lose weight, regain my energy, overcome my deep depression and get my entire life together. I got tons of compliments about what a great mom I was but nobody knew that the woman was falling apart as I was being the perfect mom.

I just wanted my energy back. I wanted to be able to think clearly again. I had a vision for my life but it wasn’t clear and it seemed like there was a pea-soup thick fog that settled on my mind whenever I tried to figure out my next steps. I hated my post partum body because I wasn’t losing weight as fast as “they” say we should when breastfeeding. I was desperate for help but there didn’t seem to be anyone willing to help me since I wasn’t rich. One day I saw a Beachbody commercial for Slim in 6. They offered a payment plan! I ordered it and didn’t look back as I completed program after program to the tune of a total weight loss of 50 pounds!

My body was getting into amazing shape but my energy levels were still in the toilet, I was still depressed and I just couldn’t get those last 10 pounds off. After continuously arguing with my doctor that something was very wrong, my blood work was done and we discovered that I was horribly hypothyroid. It was a long journey back to basic health after that diagnosis.

By 2009 I had gotten a handle on the fitness and nutrition aspects of my life, my consistent meditation and yoga practice kept my mind in a healthy space and I used Armour thyroid and healthy eating choices to keep my hormones in check. My ah-ha moment as they call it came when I noticed that my coaching clients who had the most success achieved it through a combination of mental and physical health care. Losing weight was only the beginning of the journey to living a happy, blissful life.

Since graduating from grad school in 2009, I have been providing life coaching for women who are struggling with hives, thyroid issues, food cravings, losing weight, depression, poor body issues and bone deep exhaustion.  I found that the mental and psychological aspects of health and wellness were the most neglected, even though they were the most important. As the mind goes, so goes the body.

Overcoming post-partum depression, weight gain, hormonal imbalances and clinical depression, I knew I had to help other women who were facing similar challenges. I remember clearly that dark, difficult time, I felt severely isolated and unsupported. I realized that I never wanted a woman or mother to go through what I was dealing with on her own.

I help women who are suffering with low energy, foggy brain, trouble losing weight and want to feel at peace in their minds and bodies again.

If this is you then my life coaching services are for you!

I know how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

I’ve walked that road.

Let’s schedule a time for you to share your thoughts and we’ll plan for your success.

Health and wellness coaching is particularly fulfilling for me because I have freedom to share the ways I’ve overcome certain challenges in my life in ways that help my clients to learn and grow from my experiences.

I am still growing and healing myself. I experienced a thyroid related health setback in 2014 and my current journey back to optimal health and wellness is far from over.

If you are ready to regain your lost joyfulness, muscle strength, hopeful perspective and energetic demeanor, fill out the form below to schedule an appointment and let’s talk about how I can help you experience the life that’s waiting for you in the near future.

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