Restore the Fun, Friendship, and Passion in Your Marriage

Are you looking for couples therapy in League City, TX? Gottman Couples Therapy is a tool for bringing life and love back into your relationship. Get the support you need in League City, Friendswood, and beyond.

Build a Better Marriage Now

Your Relationship Doesn’t Have to Be Hopeless!

You may feel like your relationship is so far off track that you aren’t sure therapy can make a difference. But there’s still hope! Gottman Couples Therapy with Ana María Serrano will help you and your partner to achieve real connection and long-lasting happiness through guidance, support, and proven therapeutic strategies.

It’s time to experience what a new, better, next-stage in your lifelong marriage journey can be! 

Do Any of These Experiences Sound Familiar?

  • Marriage infidelity and lack of trust in the relationship
  • Intense fighting and conflict leading you to consider divorce
  • Emotional distance and stagnancy
  • Parenting or financial struggles that lead to marital stress
  • Continual miscommunication or communication breakdown
  • Marital stress that is creating physical and psychological pain
  • Hopelessness in your relationship or a resignation that things will never get better

If your relationship is experiencing any of these issues, you are not alone.

All couples go through seasons of difficulty, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for an unfulfilling or fractured relationship.

Whether you have been disappointed in your previous attempts at counseling, or are seeking relationship help for the first time, it’s time to experience how transformational Gottman Couples Therapy can be.

Based on the idea that couples who function effectively treat each other with consideration and are supportive of each other, this therapeutic approach will be a game-changer for your relationship.

Become One of the Inspiring Gottman Couples Therapy Success Stories

Through the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Ana María will help you to remember what made you fall in love with each other in the beginning. Become one of countless couples who go on to experience:

Increased friendship

Deeper emotional connection

Improved sex life

Stronger marital bond

Effective conflict resolution

A relationship that brings you joy instead of a sense of dread

What to Expect from Gottman Couples Therapy

Ana María has completed Level 3 Gottman Method Couples Training and can guide you and your partner to build a marriage that brings you intense joy and passion. The structure of therapy includes:

  • Initial joint session, including a relationship assessment
  • Individual sessions for interviews with each partner in which partners complete questionnaires and receive detailed relationship feedback
  • Treatment planning session to determine the session frequency and duration for optimal results
  • Weekly sessions with customized therapeutic interventions designed to help you and your partner strengthen your relationship through friendship, conflict management, and creation of shared meaning

Imagine being able to increase intimacy, respect, and affection, and remove the barriers that are creating a feeling of stagnancy in your marriage.

How will your daily life change when you and your partner can learn to cherish and nurture each other, rather than being in a continual state of conflict or complacency? It’s time to find out!

If you live in League City, Friendswood, or the surrounding communities, contact Ana Maria today to get started on the path to a fulfilling relationship.

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