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7 Days of of epic clean eating to kickstart your healthy habits!

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  • You get a 7-day meal plan and grocery list  (So easy!)
  • Private Facebook support group to share meals and ideas during the week
  • Information on
    • Dos and Don’ts when Starting with Clean Eating
    • Grocery Shopping Tips for a Clean Eating Diet
    • Meal Ideas for your First Week
    • Survival Tips
    • Breakfast Ideas for clean eating
  • Access to ME in the FB group to help you over any challenges you may encounter.

I am a certified Health and Wellness Consultant with my masters in Mental Health Counseling. Over the last decade I’ve overcome the challenges of sugar addiction, unwanted weight gain, emotional eating and hypothyroidism. I’m here to help you regain your energy, clear away that fog from your brain and get your body back to feeling, looking and functioning the way you want it to.

Love and light,

Ana Maria

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