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Dandelion Tea; It’s Good for You!

Dandelion Tea; It’s Good for You!

Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea

Dandelions have some great redeeming qualities. That’s why they have been used in plenty of folk medicine for quite some time now. While talking about dandelion tea there are two different types of beverages that are popular. First being the infusion made from the leaves of the plant. And the second one is the roasted dandelion roots. These both are completely safe for use if they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides or insecticides and can be used for plenty of purposes. We have brought you a list of some of the amazing benefits of the dandelion tea, let’s have a look at them.

1.    Reduces Water Weight

Dandelion tea can be used as a diuretic to help increase the urine output hence it can be used to be relieved from bloating. Taking two cups of the beverage made from the leaves of the plant can help to increase the urine output effectively and relieves bloating.

2.    Soothes Digestive Ailments

Dandelion root tea can have extremely positive effects on a person’s digestive system. For instance, it helps greatly to improve the appetite while soothing digestive ailments and relieving constipation hence it is highly anecdotal in nature.

3.    Promotes Liver Health

The roots of dandelions have been used as an amazing liver tonic in the folk medicine. Studies have shown that they aid in increased flow of bile. In other words, the liver root tea is highly effective for the liver detoxification. It also helps with skin and eye problems.

4.    A Great Weight Loss Drug

Research has shown that dandelion has similar effects on the body regarding as the drug Orlistat. This drug works by inhibiting the pancreatic lipase, an enzyme which is released during digestion and helps to break down the fats. They have been tested on mice and proven results for anti-obesity properties.

5.    Potential Anti-Cancer Applications

Recent studies have also shown that the dandelion root has some potential cancer-fighting properties and can show some promising results in the treatment. A research has shown that the dandelion root extract causes the death of melanoma cells without effecting the non-cancerous cells as well as helped to treat the pancreatic cancer cells. Although the anti-cancer properties haven’t been proven yet they have a great potential.

6.    Acts as a Substitute for Coffee

The dandelion roots of the young plant can be roasted to a dark brown color and be brewed into a coffee like beverage which can be used as an effective substitute of coffee. You can steep it in hot water and then strain it to make an effective drink.

7.    Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

This herb can also be paired with the herb uva ursi to help prevent urinary tract infections. It works best in this combination due to the anti-bacterial compounds of the uva ursi herb and the increased urine output effect of the dandelion.

Possible Side Effects

Dandelion is safe for most of the people, although some people may have allergic reactions due to ingestion and touching. It also may trigger side effects if used with certain medications like lithium, Cipro and diuretics. So, if you are under any medication, consult a doctor before drinking dandelion tea. Keeping in view these great benefits of the tea. Go ahead and drink the tea for some great results. Try to be consistent in use for better results.

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Benefits of an Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Benefits of an Epsom Salt Detox Bath


Epsom Salt Bath is Vital for Detox

A detox bath with Epsom salt is one of the greatest healing therapies that can help to facilitate the natural detoxification system of the body. In this modern world, we are more subject to the toxins than ever through the food we eat, the air we breathe and even the medications we take. Toxins harm the body by irritating and destroying it. Detoxification is the way the body removes the harmful compounds naturally. However, we can also help out the body by a detox bath as it encourages flushing out of the toxins efficiently

It is imperative to improve our body’s capacity to detoxify and dispose of the waste, while limiting our introduction to toxins. A detox bath is one of the best healing therapies that facilitates and enhance the natural detoxification process of our bodies. Let’s have a look at the various health benefits of the detox bath.


1.    Health Benefits of a Detox bath

A detox bath is usually made with Epsom salt which helps to draws out toxins, but has many health benefits that are listed below:

1.    Eases Stress

Stress has a very negative impact on the health of your mind body and soul. So just relax and avoid stress as much as possible and the detox bath is imperative for that matter.

2.    Improved Sleep and Concentration

It also eases the nerves promoting good sleep and helping you to concentrate better on things. Epsom salt has amazing healing and relaxing properties which lead to an improved sleep and concentration.

3.    Better Functioning of the Nervous System

It helps the nervous system to work in a better way by relaxing the nerves. The nervous system then commands all the organs in an improved way.

4.    Regulate enzyme activity

The bath also helps the body to regulate its detoxification system hence regulating the enzyme activity to help the body in various functions such as digestion and removal of the toxins effectively.

5.    Promotes production of insulin

It also promotes the production of insulin in the body to regulate its required levels in the body and hence help in an improved functioning of the body organs and functions. They are NOT recommended for people with diabetes.

6.    Flushes toxins

It aids the body in flushing out the toxins and helping it to get rid of them in an improved way for an amazing functioning of the body systems.

7.    Pain Relief for headaches, cramps and spasms

It also helps to relieve the pain from headaches, cramps and spasms by relaxing the body and the nerves.

How to Draw a Detox Bath

  1. Take 2 cups of Epsom salt and 5 drops of lavender essential oil to a full tub of water.
  2. The water should be hot as we need to create the perfect and nice sweat for some detoxification to take place.
  3. Add a cup of baking soda to neutralize the chemicals and enhance mineral absorption.
  4. Immerse your body in this water all the way up to the neck and soak it for a good 20 minutes while keeping your eyes shut and indulging in some breathing exercises.
  5. After soaking get out of the tub and take a cool shower without using any harsh soaps and shampoos to let the nutrients absorb in the body.
  6. Apply a natural moisturizer like body butter and avoid eating immediately.
  7. Drink some filtered water and rest to rejuvenate.

So, go ahead and indulge in a detox bath with the Epsom salt to relieve yourself from the toxins and pains.


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Breakfast Ideas Make Clean Eating Easy

Breakfast Ideas Make Clean Eating Easy


Breakfast Ideas for Your Clean Eating Lifestyle

When you switch to a clean eating diet, you are encouraged not just to eat 4-6 small meals a day, but to always make sure you eat breakfast. Breakfast allows you to get enough fuel for the day, so you want your meal to include healthy fats, carbs, and protein, just like other meals of the day. Breakfast is often a challenge, so here are some ideas to help get you started.

Clean Pancakes

If it is the weekend or during the week when you have a little extra time in the morning, you can make yourself a batch of clean pancakes. These are not going to use a bunch of ingredients that traditional pancakes have, so not only are they clean and healthy, but they are much less time consuming as well. You need just three ingredients for the pancakes, including bananas, eggs, and some cinnamon. The ratio is typically 2 eggs for every 1 medium banana. Just mash up the bananas, beat with 2 eggs, then add a few sprinkles of cinnamon. Mix it together and cook them like pancakes. You can serve with some fresh fruit or maple syrup with no sugar added.

Avocado Toast

This is a really popular breakfast you will see all over Instagram and for good reason. It provides the perfect balance of carbs from the bread, protein from the bread and additional toppings, and fat from the avocado. You can go basic with just whole grain bread and avocado, or add additional ingredients like some cooked eggs on top, vegetable slices, or even cooked salmon if you want something a little heartier. There are tons of combinations that will work great.


Another popular breakfast option for people who are clean eating is to make a smoothie. These have so many different options, are filling, and work great for pre or post-workout. You can make your smoothie with all fruit, add in greens for a green smoothie, add peanut butter to make it filling, use dairy or skip it, and get really creative with ingredients like cocoa powder or maple syrup. The options truly are endless here. A good simple smoothie uses a cup of greens, ½ frozen banana, 1 cup frozen berries, ½ cup yogurt (non-dairy is fine) and your choice of liquid.


Overnight Oats

If you tend to get busy in the morning and have no time for making breakfast, then overnight oats will be your new best friend. These are made the night before, so in the morning, you can just grab your jar of oats and eat right away or bring it with you to work or school. There are many recipes to choose, but you basically have rolled oats soaking overnight in your choice of milk or non-dairy milk, with various ways to flavor it, from fresh fruit to cinnamon or honey.


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Do’s and Don’ts When Starting Clean Eating

Do’s and Don’ts When Starting Clean Eating

Choosing Health Foods

If you are brand new to clean eating, you might be getting a little overwhelmed with all the information out there. There is a lot to learn, from what you can and can’t eat, to how much, how to read labels for ingredients, and when to exercise. Here is a simple list of some do’s and don’ts that will help you navigate this new healthy lifestyle.

Do’s of Spring Cleaning

First up, let’s talk about what you can do while you are clean eating. These are some easy tips and guidelines to live by to help eating clean work best for you.

Eat Breakfast Daily – With clean eating, you want to have enough fuel to get you through the day, so make sure you are having breakfast each morning. Having a protein shake, smoothie, or oatmeal is totally fine. Just put something in your body within the first hour of waking.

Eat More Frequently, Smaller Meals – To keep your metabolism up and increase fat burning, eat smaller meals, but more frequently. Instead of three larger meals a day, split up your calories and other macros into 5-6 meals a day, including a snack or two.

Meal Prep and Plan – It is vital that you are fully prepared for anything that might come up, which starts with planning all meals and snacks. If you plan on going on a hike or traveling, have plenty of clean eating snacks you can bring with you.

Choose Natural Fruit Sources – Instead of having added sugar in your diet, go for natural sugar sources, like raw honey or fresh fruit.


Don’ts When Starting Clean Eating

There are also some common mistakes people tend to make while eating clean. Here are some of those important ‘don’ts’ to keep in mind.

Eat Packaged Foods – One of the simplest ways to eat cleaner is to avoid packaged and processed food. This means skipping all those bags of chips and crackers, packaged cookies, and processed carbs like white rice and white pasta. Stick to stuff you can make or bake from scratch.

Drink Empty Calories – There is no reason you should be drinking soft drinks and sugary fruit juice during the day. These are definitely not clean, have no nutritional value, and are just adding on the calories and fat you don’t need. Instead, stick to water, tea, some coffee, and juice you make at home.

Skip the Healthy Fats – While you want to avoid excessive amounts of fat like from butter, margarine, and red meat, other fats are healthy and can keep you full. Don’t forget to add in healthy fats like nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and avocados.


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Meal Planning vs. Emotional Eating Binge

Meal Planning vs. Emotional Eating Binge


Stop Emotional and Binge Eating

You can do this by planning your meals.

Emotional and binge eating is often a train wreck waiting to happen. Maybe it has been a few days that things have not been going your way. You come home drained. Meal planning didn’t happen as planned over the weekend. Therefore it feels like there’s no time to look at what you have been eating. You go for the easy option, the lift-your-mood option, the convenient catastrophe. The week started out with your willpower at a 100, and you were all set to climb the elementary school food pyramid. Somewhere mid-week, your energy tanked and your cravings skyrocketed.

How do you prevent a crisis like that?

You prevent it the way you prevent all crises: a crisis management program or, in this case, meal planning. It’ll keep you on track toward your objectives. It gives you easy plans to fall back on. When energy and willpower are running low, there’s a plan in place. A meal plan provides breadcrumbs to guide you back to the healthy, balanced lifestyle you wanted when life was sunshine and rainbows.

Meal Planning

Benefits of Meal Planning

Still not convinced that meal planning can really make your life easier and keep you on track for your health goals? Let’s look at the advantages of at least giving meal planning a try. Energy Like many of the resources that play an integral role our survival, our willpower fluctuates. We start out our days and weeks with a certain amount of willpower that gets used up rapidly in small decision-making tasks, everything from what we should wear to what we should say. Relying on habits is a way to conserve our willpower energy. When it’s time to eat, if we do not have a good store of willpower, we fall back on our habit of fast foods and unhealthy meals. Meal planning prevents you from crashing midway because you have plan A, B, and Z to rely on to when you’re too tired to figure what to make for dinner that is easy and healthy. Meal planning takes off one thing of your daily to-do list, freeing up time for you to treat yourself no matter how hard the day has been going. Portion Planning Meal planning allows you to give all the important things the appropriate place in your menu. When you plan a menu beforehand, you get to choose what goes in there. Meal planning gives you the opportunity to stick to your New Year’s resolution of treating your body right and having your doctor’s recommended portions of fruits and vegetables. Even on days when you feel like putting no effort into cooking or like eating whatever your first craving is, a meal plan reminds that there is an alternate meal that will not only gratify you in the moment but will keep you on the right path toward a healthier you.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Meal Planning

Treat Yourself Some days you will want to piece together any and every crumb you find to just get through the day and eat for the sake of survival. With meal plans, you get to go the extra mile and plan for yourself a meal that you know you will like. This preplanned blessing might just be the meal that turns your awful week around because you planned a meal that was nutritious and a treat to pick you up. The Tension Lack of planning and prepping often leads to more stress. Too much structure can make like predictable and boring. With a meal plan, you get the best of both worlds. You can avoid the dreaded question, “What do I make for dinner?”, but you can also allow yourself some freedom to experiment. For example, you had planned to make pizza tonight, so you have all the basic ingredients, but you see you also have fresh spinach and some roasted chicken left—let’s throw it on! Because you planned the big stuff ahead of time, you have a little extra energy to spice up a trusted staple with some little pizazz. Sometimes it’s that little things that make all the difference!

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Benefits of a Spring Detox

Benefits of a Spring Detox

Benefits of a Spring Detox

Spring brings new hopes and promotes the positive vibes. So, it is the best time to embark on a detox plan. In winter we feel too indulged in food and drinks and it seems nearly impossible to do a detox. But there is no such issue in spring as you are full of energy and the weather is also in your favor making the whole detox plan easier on you. You need to keep in mind that detox is not a permanent weight loss plan, it just provides a jump start towards the whole process. You would still have to plan for regular exercise and follow a healthy eating routine. Here are some reasons why you might need a detox and the benefits it will bring for you.

Why Spring Detox?

We are constantly exposed to the toxics in this modern world due to the air pollution as well as the foods we intake. Even our livestock is treated with drugs and the crops are sprayed with pesticides which pose serious threats to our health with their harmful side effects. So, it is a great idea to plan for a spring detox to get rid of all these toxins and provide a fresh start to your body for a stronger immune system and an improved blood circulation. But why spring? Well, spring represents renewal and refresh – it is the perfect season to detox your body and mind and elevate your life.

Benefits of Spring Detox

Benefits of Spring Detox

A spring detox has various benefits from an improved immune system to elevated energy as well as better circulation. The list of benefits continues, we can sit here for hours to be honest. But we won’t. Instead I’ve compiled a list of quick benefits a spring detox can have in your life. Check them out!

1.    Weight Loss

If you are planning to lose some weight then the spring detox is the best way to start with. It will provide you with the perfect kick start towards your weight loss goals and help you achieve them at a faster rate. So, start off this spring to get better outcomes with improved energy levels and a quick metabolism.

2.    Elevated Energy

Speaking of energy, yes! Detoxing can increase your energy levels. This helps you to work out twice as hard and longer for better results. The more active you are, the more you move, the more you lose weight and improve your overall health.

3.    Better Digestion

There is clinical evidence that detoxing also helps greatly with the digestion. As the toxicity might lead to various health issues such as bloating, nausea, furred tongue, constipation, gas, indigestion and a toxic liver. However, all these issues can be avoided by indulging in a spring detox.

4.    Improved Immune System

A spring detox is also beneficial in improving the immune system immensely. It helps to avoid colds and the flu, blemishes, cellulite, tiredness, fatigue and puffy eyes by improving the lymphatic system. It also helps to clear the sinuses by vanishing congestion and improving the lung function. It also resolves the urinary tract issues by increasing the urine output. In other words, it improves the immune system and doesn’t let the illnesses take over.

So, go ahead with and try my free clean eating challenge and see for yourself how much it benefits your overall health and wellbeing!

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