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Sacral Chakra ~Pleasure Principle

Sacral Chakra ~Pleasure Principle

Did you wake up excited to face a new day today? Did you wake up full of creative energy and good feelings? If not you may want to see what’s going on with your sacral chakra and give that baby a tune up. Keep reading for more understanding about this powerful energy center and a few activities to help you clear any blockages that may exist. It’s time to feel the pleasure that is your birthright.

What are the things that we all have, but are pushed to deny and often feel completely unable 2nd Chakrato control?

The answer is feelings and emotions. You guessed that pretty quickly because of the title of this piece and that beautiful image to the left.

Although we often use the terms interchangeably, they are actually very different experiences. Emotions reside in your body and feelings are in your mind.

Feelings are the thoughts your mind has about your emotions.

Emotions are temporary but the feelings they evoke can be long lasting. We all share basic, instinctual emotions but our feelings are as unique and individual as our fingerprints. Therefore, our feelings are colored by every experience we’ve had throughout our life along with our personalities. Our past and present conditioning show up and show out in our feelings. Your responses and reactions to what shows up in your life are shaped by your emotions and feelings. Far too often we react to our emotions and feelings based on old mental scripts that no longer serve us.

The metaphysical seat of your feelings is the second chakra, Svadhisthana. It’s shaped from 6 months to 2 ½ years. This means that many of our thoughts around our emotions were created during a time that most of us don’t remember. Your ability to clear out negative thoughts and respond mindfully to your feelings is the basis for creating a happier less conflicted, more fulfilling life. Our thoughts guide our choices and our choices determine our reality. Operating from illusions, fear and guilt is self-sabotage. Getting clear on the thoughts around your emotions allows you to choose from a place of clarity, love, trust and faith in the goodness of the Universe.


Emotions are the language of the body

Many of us walk around on a day-to-day basis completely disconnected from our emotions. We’re so in our heads that we don’t hear anything our body is saying until it’s SCREAMING at us. Meditation and mindfulness are the perfect tools to reconnect with the present moment and clear out the mental chatter so we can hear the messages our senses are giving us. (Feel free to use the “free stuff” on this site to help you develop your meditation practice. For a more intensive experience I encourage you to use the 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse. It will guide you through the process of learning everything you ever wanted to know about meditation so you can create a daily mindfulness practice that feels natural to you and your lifestyle.)  Mindful breathing is a perfect practice to keep us grounded in our bodies and the present moment. This is particularly helpful when intense emotions are swirling and making us feel like we’re loosing control of ourselves. Our breath is always there to soothe the body and mind.


Lotus Meditation

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Codependency (taking on someone else’s story and/or feelings)
  • Infertility
  • Low back pain
  • Uterine pain
  • Chronic fatigue or loss of joyful energy
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of ethics and honor in relationships
  • A feeling of “spinning your wheels”
  • Issues with blame and guilt
  • Over indulgence or spending money to lift your mood
  • Inability to orgasm or decreased libido

So, the sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen between the navel and the genitals and encompasses the whole section of the body between these two points. It is the second of the in-body chakras. Additionally, it is the center of emotions, sensation, pleasure, movement, nurturance and sexuality. The name, Svadhisthana, has the root ‘svad’ meaning “to taste sweet” or to “taste with pleasure, to enjoy or take delight.” Therefore some sources translate Svadhisthana as “sweetness” and others as “one’s sweetest abode”. How yummy is that?!!?

The associated color for the sacral chakra is orange and its element is water. Naturally its celestial body is the moon. The sense associated with this energy center is taste. Mmmmm! For women, this is the source of our feminine power and creative energy. The importance of strengthening and clearing this energy cannot be overstated. To assess the functioning of  your sacral chakras and all the rest, take this test.

Second chakra energy is what we harness when we start to dissect our emotions. It helps us to distinguish between the feelings and the thoughts that come with them. “I’m angry (emotion) therefore, I am bad (feeling).” “I love him (emotion), I’m so stupid (feeling).”  Our guilt about our emotions, whether it’s our sexual desires, hunger, love, anger or confusion is the source of our pain and angst.  These judgments lead us to deny our feelings until our body makes us aware we have a problem through pain. The problem then is that we often don’t look for the energetic/psychological roots of the physical discomfort.

7 Ways to Nurture your Sacral Chakra

Before we get into these tools I have to say “This is not meant to replace a diagnose from a qualified medical doctor.” If you are experiencing physical pain, see a doctor and supplement those healing modalities with these, as you deem appropriate.  If you begin this work and feel it is beyond your ability to deal with alone, love yourself enough to get help from someone you trust be they a professional therapist, life coach, counselor, or energy worker. You do not have to heal in solitude.

1) Acknowledge and release the energy of any past sexual abuse or assault.

The first step in healing and releasing the negative energy from these kinds of experiences is facing the fact that it happened. Many of us survivors are still in denial about the pain and violation we experienced. How you choose to acknowledge it is up to you. You may want to write about it and then burn the paper, releasing the pain and opening to a new experience of healing. Maybe you’d like to confide in someone you trust and know will provide compassion and love.

Professional therapy or counseling might be needed. Do what feels good to you. Think about different options and see what emotions occur in your body. That will let you know which path is right for you.  Finally, whatever you do, don’t minimize or ignore what happened. The key to tapping into your sacral chakra energy is to face and release any feelings of fear, guilt, shame, anger or pain.

2) Release unhealthy or disempowering attachments to past romantic and sexual partners.

Love and sex create strong energetic ties. Breaking these connections and the feelings they generate returns your energy to you. There are numerous guides on cord cutting rituals and meditations. You can make it as complex or as simple as feels right to you. A simple visualization would be for you to imagine yourself cutting a cord between yourself and the other person with a pair of scissors. See the energy that has been flowing out from you through this cord returning back into your own body and their energy returning to them. Wish them well. Remember, this chakra is sweetness, no negativity allowed.

3) Face and release any pain you may be holding onto regarding past miscarriages, abortions, or fertility issues.

Allow yourself to mourn if you are feeling loss and work at letting that energy go. Release any shame or self blame associated with the experiences. As women, society encourages us to define ourselves by our reproductive and sexual choices and activities. You do not have to accept these ideas. You are complete and whole whether you chose to have children now, in the future or never. Reject outer judgment and trust your intuition. You have the right to choose what you do with your body.

4) Examine your overall comfort level with your body, sexuality, and sensuality.

Are you comfortable with your sexuality? Are you at peace with how you show your sexuality to and with others? Do you try and hide it? Do you use it to attract attention? How do you feel about your body? What are your thoughts about your body? What did your mother teach you about your body? What did she say about sexuality? Clear out negative thoughts and judgments. Move toward a place of peace, comfort and joy about your sexuality and your beautiful body! You are free to do what you want with your body. Own those choices!

5) Look at your thoughts about being a woman.

Are you comfortable and confident in your female skin? Or do you worry about how other people expect you to act based on your gender? Write down some words that you feel describe YOUR version of a healthy, happy, peaceful, blissful woman. Set the intention to make choices that move you toward that reality. Meditate by dancing with undulating hip movements that are particularly feminine. Wear clothes that correspond to the sacral chakra color which is orange. Eat oranges. Up the femininity and sensuality quotient in your life.

6) If you are a mother, be mindful of your emotional, physical and psychological states.

You can’t nurture your child(ren) if you are emotionally and physically spent. Self-care is not a luxury it is a necessity. Teach your children about the importance of taking care of their mind-body connection by doing it yourself. It’s ok to take “me time” and to teach the babies to respect that space. It can be done. I taught my daughter as a toddler to respect when she saw me at my altar meditating. It took patience and consistency to get it done but it got done.

7) Allow yourself to ebb and flow.Listen to your body.

As women our hormones cycle during the month and our energy and focus are impacted. Honor this truth. Be mindful that at certain times of the month it feels better for you to go a little easier and be a little more reclusive. Other times of the month, usually the time following menstruation to ovulation, we are externally oriented and more energetic. Tap into your body’s guidance on what it needs. It will steer you toward peace and success.

8) Tap into your creative power.  

This is the chakra of the inner child as well. It’s the energy that fuels our joyful creativity. It’s the seat of your kundalini, which means that if you fuel the sacral chakra you fuel your entire existence.  Play. Draw. Have a water fight. Laugh. Dance. Be FREE!

Tap into your flow

I hope the suggestions for clearing your sacral chakra energy will help you to experience more pleasure and creativity in your life. Learning to flow, fearlessly with your emotions and feelings is what it’s all about. Again, if you find yourself in more pain or feeling confused after exploring difficult memories, get support for your healing process. I’m here to help. Even if things are going fine I encourage you to schedule a free session with me. Let’s get you living the juiciest most mindful life possible!

Have a peaceful and productive day darling!

~Ana Maria

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