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This is a little bit ranty so please bear with me. The more I practice my lovingkindness (Metta) meditation the more sensitive I am to hidden negativity.  I notice that every time I read an article telling me what lies not to believe about myself, I end up walking away with new negative thoughts about myself. I wasn’t aware of 99% of the racist, sexist things out there until some blogger/journalist told me not to believe them. I don’t hang out with hateful people or read their writings. I’d actually have no way to know what they think until some “inspirational” person told me about it and then advised me against believing it. It’s the same as me telling you “don’t think about the color orange.” Immediately the “don’t” disappears and the color orange is all you can imagine. For those who were fed a diet of negative beliefs about themselves, they need new ideas to replace the poison, not to reinforce those thoughts by re-reading them constantly.


 Wolf in sheep’s clothing

There’s an undercurrent of negativity these days that passes for inspiration and it’s a bit problematic. We’ve all seen the memes about how someone doesn’t need negativity in their life so “BYE” to the haters and the like. That is simply painful feelings of betrayal and hurt masquerading as nonchalance. For example this meme is intended to be uplifting but just reinforces an idea that we are at war with the future. Just reading it made me tense up.

 I read it and immediately started to wonder what the hell was coming and would I really be prepared!?!

Choose perfect peace

Personally, I prefer to step into my week with the knowledge and faith that everything I will experience is not happening to beat me down, but to uplift and edify me. I’m not going to have to “handle” it. You see the difference in two mindsets?

My loving kindness practice consists of cultivating my thoughts so that I feel loved by the universe, my fellow human beings and most importantly by myself. You’re going to find what you look for so why not look for love and blessings?

Your perception is your reality. If you approach life with the perspective that you are in a battle against everything and everyone you will, without a doubt, experience attacks from all sides. I you choose to see even emotionally difficult experiences as an opportunity for you to dig deeper into yourself and find strength, compassion, love and patience that you never knew were there, then life will feel much more gentle.

The choice is yours.


Happy Metta Monday darlings!  

Tip: Save this pic to your phone and recite the meditation to yourself for 5 minutes, 3-5 times a day!


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