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Eight years ago this month I started getting fit. My daughter was 13 months old and my aching knees and a glimpse in the stray store window were all the motivation to lose weight that I needed. Losing weight after pregnancy is always a worry and a challenge. I felt like after a year it was time to get it back together. My first step was to get a terrific eating plan, South Beach Diet. My next goal was to start researching workout plans and I discovered Windsor Pilates and Slim in 6. However, the thing that really got the scale moving was my eating plan.

If you ask anyone, and they are honest, the real key to changing your body is nutrition. I’m standing here as a true testament to the truth of that. Since November, I have been doing a Brazil Butt Lift/ TurboFire challenge. In the beginning, I was logging my food religiously and getting my workouts done without fail. I was energized and shrinking, slowly but surely. I have learned to accept that with hypothyroidism, my progress is never going to be a get fit fast type of thing; it is slow and steady winning the race in my world. Then the holidays and some extreme life stressors kicked in. I was working out a little more sporadically because I was TIRED. In my stress I was also overdosing on carbs which created the tiredness that fueled my craving for more carbs. The pitfall for me was that they were healthy carbs, oatmeal primarily, but carbs nonetheless. My caloric intake was sky high, my activity level was decreased and my body was getting the kind of fuel it loves to store as fat. O_o I stopped logging my food and just believed in the power of the TurboFire and Brazil Butt Lift to get me fit despite my carb addiction. The reality was I didn’t want to face my caloric intake. I was cheating. But as they say

Last week, I finally stepped on the scale. It was not voluntary. I stay away from the scale and the nerousis it causes. I watch too many clients cry and bemoan the lack of movement of those numbers and I have myself called on God asking why I had been abandoned because it appeared all my hard work was not paying off in less poundage. Nevertheless, my jeans were telling me that it was time, no; it was PAST time for me to face what was happening. My “healthy carb” addiction, severe hypothyroidism and sporadic workout schedule had created a 20 gain in 3 months! This confession is so hard to do publicly. However, I’m owning the choices that messed me up, while sharing how I’m taking control of my eating again. I know I am not alone in any of these experiences, so it is what it is. Getting fit is not the issue for me. I’m very fit, but my weight is not what I want it to be. My doctor has never ever had an issue with my weight because all of my other measures of health say I’m top notch. My weight loss goals are purely about my personal aesthetic tastes.

What to do, what to do…

I know what works. I work with people teaching them to do what works. Shoot, I did it myself before I started telling anyone how to do it! Therefore, last week I realized it was time to do what I know works for my body. There is an increasing body of research that says carbs really are the devil. Well not really, but you get my point. It’s not that we can never eat carbs, but they should be consumed at a much lower percentage than has been recommended. I know that my body does not do well with an abundance of carbs. Fruit is healthy, but it is sugar and for my slow digestive system and metabolism, it equals stalled weight loss or weight gain. The same applies to grains and all other varieties of starches. Over the past week, I implemented a strict no sugar and no starch eating plan. In other words, I returned to South Beach Diet Phase 1. From January 7th – January 23rd, the planned start date for my Ultimate Reset challenge group, I am forgoing fruits, grains, and any other forms of sugar. I have been eating 1200 calories per day, logging my food in My Fitness Pal and posting pics of my food on Brooklyn Fit Mami for personal accountability. I have a long term goal to lose 45 pounds.

Week 1, I lost 7 pounds!

Want to talk about high power motivation to lose weight! The pace of weight loss will slow down, but the beauty of South Beach is that you get fit fast and healthfully. So now, my goal is to lose 38 pounds by June. 🙂 I will be chronicling my journey to my dream size here. My tools will be Shakeology, South Beach Diet protocol, The Ultimate Reset, a variety of yoga dvds (Rodney Yee and Shiva Rea primarily), Slim in 6, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift and TurboFire.

If you are on your journey to improve your health, increase satisfaction with your body, lose weight after pregnancy or just get toned, embrace the fact that it is an individual journey. You may reach your goal quickly or slowly, you may have times when you take 3 steps forward and 2 back. It is ALL good. It is all about learning and as long as you don’t give up on yourself, it is all a positive adventure.

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Wishing you the best!

~Ana María

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