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I confess. I’m a cheater. I’ve been a cheater for most of my life. I don’t like rules and limits. I’m only slightly ashamed of my errant behavior though. Most people I know are cheaters. Everyone gets comfortable in a routine and starts taking things for granted. I know I’m not alone. It begins when you get away with little cheats, little flirtations (with cheesecake) and then, before you know it, your self control is blown! Hopefully you’ve figured out that I’m talking fitness and diet infidelity here. 😉 But in 2013, I am committed to being a better woman.

I think back to when my fitness journey began. I still have the calendar that came with Slim in 6 at that time. I didn’t miss a single day! I have my diet logs. I was obsessively mindful of every morsel. I wrote down EVERYTHING and not a stray carb passed these lips. I continued these behaviors to the tune of a 40+ pound weight loss. I kept up *most* of the behaviors over the years and gained enough knowledge and experience to make it my livelihood. Funny thing happened along the way though… I got too comfortable. I got comfortable in my success. I got confident in my ability to skip a workout here and have a treat there. I modified myself back up to my starting weight.

Have you ever worked really hard to achieve a goal and then gotten inexplicably lazy?

In life we are often focused on a set point. The wedding. Getting the job. Achieving goal weight. There is a tendency to forget that these events mark the beginning of a different kind of work, not the beginning of resting on your laurels. After the wedding, comes the marriage. Marriage is constant work. When you get the job you are no longer selling your self, the time has come to show and prove you were the right choice. Reaching goal weight marks Day 1 of working to maintain. This reality why it’s important to focus on BEHAVIORS and not NUMBERS.

If you are mindful about what you eat and increasing your activity levels, the by-product will be healthfulness. You may or may not lose weight, depending on where you are starting out and what your goals are, but you will be healthier. By focusing on creating healthy habits, you will be less likely to be unfaithful to your new, healthier lifestyle when you reach milestones. It’s the difference between taking pride in your skills in your profession versus simply working for the check. 

As for me, I’m refocused. I’m in the middle of a carb detox right now. I needed to shake off my carb cravings and redefine my relationship with food. I started in earnest on 01/08/2013. On Monday, my cheating ways voided the day, but since then I haven’t cheated even a little. No ignoring the corn syrup on the ingredient list in my favorite coconut milk. No “this bit of Coffee-Mate won’t hurt”. My carb cravings have subsided, my urticaria isn’t flaring and my energy is up. But this carb detox is just the beginning of my refocused wellness mission. My challenge group is starting the Ultimate Reset on January 23, 2013. I’m very much looking forward to taking my body to an even healthier place. 

If you’re a recovering cheater interested in support, drop me a line!!

If you’re interesting in more info on The Ultimate Reset drop me a line!!! Or click here.  

 All the best to you!

Ana María

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