It’s been a while since I updated with posts on my fitness routine. Blogging consistently is a challenge that beats all my Beachbody challenges! 🙂 My Chalean Extreme round ended abruptly because I developed calcific tendonitis. I’ve never been injured before and pray I will never feel anything like that again! From here on I will be doing my absolute best to blog at the very least twice a week. As the holidays approach we all feel the dread of the holiday bulge. My awesome challenge group started a new 90 day challenge, October 6th,  that will help us get through the danger zone in great form.  I’m currently on Day 10 of my Brazil Butt Lift/ TurboFire hybrid program. My group is doing the standard Chalean Extreme/TurboFire hybrid. I’m incorporating the BBL Master Series workouts so this is a program of my own design. This past week I got my first tastes of all the Master Series workouts. WOO HOO! Last weekend I could barely walk. If soreness indicates strength is on the way then I’m headed for She Hulk status very soon!

She Hulk


This past weekend I did Higher and Tighter for the first time. I HATE leg lifts on all fours so I was kind of happy to be working on the ball. THe original High and Tight was completely on the floor. HATED IT! So anyway, I nearly busted my doggone face and broke my neck!! But, my hamstrings and butt were talking to me in a GREAT way! I realized after the fact that the ball I was using, that comes with the TurboJam Get on the Ball workouts, is WAY too big. The BBL MS ball is tiny in comparison. I blew it up and will be using it for furture workouts. The legs arabesque was quite dangerous on the oversized ball, but I tested them with the right ball and it was intense work! Here’s what they look like:

Image via   6 Moves to Get a Better ButtBy Rebecca Swanner


So all in all my take on BBL Master Series is that is is FABULOUS. The stability ball sculpts arms and abs. You can’t avoid it. My arms aren’t as sore as with Chalean, but, ummm, that’s why I’m doing this right? To avoid too much stress on my shoulders. So I already see restored tone in my arms and feel the work. Bikini Body is the upper body workout. It’s all pushups on the ball and weights. Ipanema Booty is by far my fav workout of the 3. It’s 3 rounds, alternating on the floor or standing. I use 7.5 pounds to for the standing work. I counted and each set is about 30 squats, lunges and dead lifts. My lower body is getting hammered and feels great. The only caveat, as with ALL workouts. Proper form is essential. Trying to get as low as the trainer or the models will lead to injury. So taking it slow and easy while building up it the key. Two thumbs up for BBL MS.

The one thing I miss from my summer routine most of all is my jogging/running. I LOVED The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan. I never thought I would feel so successful and enjoy running so much. So I’m adding that to my routine for the next 90 days or until it’s too cold. The end of the 90 day challenge is deep into the winter so I’m not sure I’ll be game to run in that weather, but I never say never.

So what are your plans to keep in shape through that one hard meal? Share your tips in the comments

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Wishing you all the best!

Ana María

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