Sore. That is about all I have to say about that. My lower body is battered in a pretty wonderful way. 🙂 I hope not to get redundant, but for me to be doing ChaLean Extreme and be sore ONLY in my muscles is a surprising and joyful event. I mentioned last week that my last round of ChaLean I tore my knees up with the squats and lunges. I was trying to go too deep too soon. I’ve always been a form fanatic so I know my form was okay, but I was rushing to have my thighs parallel to the floor. VERY bad move! So this round I’m going as deep as my fitness level and knees will allow. Speaking of what my fitness level will allow, it would not allow me to write about Burn it Off! That was an experience I’d prefer not to talk about. It was pretty much the picture below, only I was not at all deluded about how I looked. I felt even worse! LOL

Burn Circuit 2

So, that’s all I have to say about that, except to say that it is why I’m still sore today. This morning I was back at it with Burn Circuit 2. I noticed a difference between today and last week and that felt GREAT! My legs were still super worked and this week the move that KILLED me was the lunge with core rotation. I had to stop simply because my legs just couldn’t stay stable. The thing I love though is that but stressing my ability to balance, my muscles are getting worked in an amazing way. I’m liking this workout more and more. 🙂

Today is a super short post and I leave you with this thought…

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