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Children, Discipline and Chalean Extreme

Day 12: ChaLean Extreme Challenge 

Today was day 12 of my ChaLean Extreme challenge. As has been the case all week, I had my little one working out with me. To say that has been a joy is to put it mildly. In general we think of kids as being high energy, little speed demons. Unfortunately in this day an age, many kids are more lazy and out of shape than adults. Yesterday we were in Prospect Park and I saw 3 kids, about 8-10 years old, out running.They were clearly training and I didn’t see an adult with them. They were pushing themselves on their own to achieve whatever goal they were after. I was inspired and impressed. She saw them and said “I wish I could run”. Then she rethought and added “But I ride my bike and I like that better.”

What kind of example are you setting?

Do you do what you must even when you don’t want to? Do your kids see you make choices based on the long term benefit rather than the short term feel good? Being disciplined is always hard but it’s easier if it becomes a habit as a child. This morning Miss M didn’t want to workout. I woke her up early, as she requested, but I guess that sounded better when she said it last night than it felt at 7 am. Yet after a few minutes of thought she remembered that she really wanted to workout because it’s good for her. She pushed herself out of bed and joined me, without me saying a word. She is proud of the choices she makes to be healthy because health is a family value around here. Discipline is another one. I never overtly taught her to value these things. Actions speak louder than words. We have to be disciplined with ourselves for them to learn what that word means. Far too often the conversation around discipline has to do with making them behave the way we want them too, without any thought to whether we are emulating that behavior ourselves.

In a perfect world our children would do as we say, but this is not a perfect world. Children follow our example, be it good or bad. Self care is something we have to practice for them to get it. You can’t punish them for yelling at their siblings when you are road rage personified. You can’t tell them to not drink soda and you drink liters of the poison yourself. We can not end childhood obesity by taking our kids to the park and telling them to run around. We have to be active ourselves. Depending on their age, they may or may not immediately want to participate. Like with anything else we know is good for them, we must push the issue. A friend of mine has two children when they go to the track, her daughter jogs with her while her son rides his bike. There are many options, but non-participation is NOT one of them. There is no negotiation about brushing teeth, doing homework or going to school. Being fit is a must for a healthy life. If we don’t model and teach our babies this, who will? The commercials they see while watching TV? They may whine and complain in the beginning, but getting active is a must.

There can be no capitulation when it comes to making our kids take proper care of the only body they get.

So all that said, today I pushed myself! I upped my weights went deeper and took notes to take it further next time. Some people asked why I have numbers filled in for the coming week. I do that because right after I finish my set I KNOW exactly how much heavier I need to go or if I need to stay the same. A week later my mind may play tricks on me and I will underestimate what I’m able to do. Here’s today’s weights and reps.

Would you do me a favor? Leave me a comment telling me what activity you will do with your kids this weekend to get you all moving and having fun. Thanks!!


Now I’m off to Mommy-daughter date day we are going to see Brave. 🙂

Wishing you all the best!

Ana María



ChaLean Extreme ~ Day 11

Today is a good day! I’m only a little sore and feeling strong. So far, thanks to ChaLean Extreme and Shakeology, I’m down 5 pounds, 1/2 inch off my waist and 1 inch off my hips in 11 days. I’ll take that! 😉 I’m working out later than usual because Miss M wants to workout with me. I can’t lie, I don’t enjoy the late workouts, but there’s nothing like lying on the floor spent from a good workout and her holding my hand telling me she “loves” working out with me. We’ve come a long way from her toddler days when I was doing Slim in 6. I’ll never forget one morning when she waddled over to me while I was doing abs. She dropped a piece of banana in my VERY sweaty arm pit, snatched it up and ate it before I could react! Now she’s lifting weights WITH me. I can’t help but think about the importance of having a positive body image for girls, especially girls of color, and I’m so happy she’s getting a healthy foundation. These are our stats from yesterdays Burn Circuit 2.

As you can see the bowler’s lunges are still killer for me. I nearly threw down my beloved SelectTechs at the end of the last set. And you just don’t throw down THOSE expensive weights. My legs hurt so bad I couldn’t stand up I had to just sit for a moment. The thing is, I LOVE that feeling of truly being at the edge. Knowing that it’s not my mind saying I can’t, my body is DONE, and that means I just got stronger.

It’s rare that we actually push our bodies to the limit in healthy, safe ways.

Doing Burn Intervals

Today we did Burn Intervals. The cardio with ChaLean Extreme is…IDK. It’s…daunting. I think that’s the right word. Whenever I know I have to do it, it’s one of those moments that is pure discipline. I know it will be HARD. I know I will hurt in a good way. I know it will be worth it, so I do it. Pure and simple. I don’t focus on how breathless I will be, I think about what my legs are going to look like in 10 weeks. If you want a healthier, stronger body you have to work at it. You have to make it a priority. If you don’t choose to do that, don’t blame it on your job, your kids, your whatever. You have the power to choose healthy foods and workout. If you don’t then it’s simply that you are choosing to stay unhealthy. No more and no less than that. Today was SO SO hard. I stopped numerous times but I never quit. I also KNOW that in 10 weeks I will get through the entire thing without stopping because I am NOT a QUITTER and I make NO EXCUSES!

Wishing you a day full of success and progress!


Ana María

Chalean Extreme Review ~ Day 8

Sore. That is about all I have to say about that. My lower body is battered in a pretty wonderful way. 🙂 I hope not to get redundant, but for me to be doing ChaLean Extreme and be sore ONLY in my muscles is a surprising and joyful event. I mentioned last week that my last round of ChaLean I tore my knees up with the squats and lunges. I was trying to go too deep too soon. I’ve always been a form fanatic so I know my form was okay, but I was rushing to have my thighs parallel to the floor. VERY bad move! So this round I’m going as deep as my fitness level and knees will allow. Speaking of what my fitness level will allow, it would not allow me to write about Burn it Off! That was an experience I’d prefer not to talk about. It was pretty much the picture below, only I was not at all deluded about how I looked. I felt even worse! LOL

Burn Circuit 2

So, that’s all I have to say about that, except to say that it is why I’m still sore today. This morning I was back at it with Burn Circuit 2. I noticed a difference between today and last week and that felt GREAT! My legs were still super worked and this week the move that KILLED me was the lunge with core rotation. I had to stop simply because my legs just couldn’t stay stable. The thing I love though is that but stressing my ability to balance, my muscles are getting worked in an amazing way. I’m liking this workout more and more. 🙂

Today is a super short post and I leave you with this thought…

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