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I was in the middle of writing another post when I sat down to a late lunch. I have been craving sweet potatoes lately and thankfully, it happens to be a craving that fits into my low GI eating framework. You have love it when that happens because it happens like… almost never! But my lunch inspired this post, so who am I to hold back on a healthy, yummy food discovery? Back story; during a quick grocery store trip yesterday I spotted Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread. I am a die hard coconut oil girl so it caught my attention. I asked Miss M what she thought and with her consent, I got Earth Balance instead of butter.

So here, we are today and I’m indulging in my aforementioned craving, I go to get my butter and start praying this stuff is going to taste right. Mini Me LOVED it on her toast this morning, but I kind of give my kid a little bit of a side eye on the quality of her palate. She has a tendency to profess love for foods in the moment that she eventually admits she really does not like.  

First impression, the spread is firm. It is softer than a stick of butter, but not as soft as tub margarine. It came up in a long thin sheet when I scraped my knife over it. I got some on my finger so I went all in and tasted it plain. It tasted just like butter! No really! Just like butter. Now I had read somewhere that it had a strong coconut taste, but I did not get any of that and I was looking for it.

The real test was does it play well with my sweet potato?

I normally dress my potato up with butter, cinnamon and a little sea salt. This is my go to meal so I know what I want to taste. It was delish! It was not buttery tasting though. If I was doing a blind taste test I would be able to identify that I was not eating butter Earth Balance imparted a richness that only fat can provide and a subtle lingering aftertaste of coconut flavor. I found added more cinnamon than usual, maybe because the flavors melded differently with the Earth Balance than with butter. I don’t know why, but that’s what I did.

So, the bottom line is, I encourage anyone who is looking to get more healthful fat via coconut oil into their diet to use this spread. I may still use organic, grass fed butter on my potato, but Earth Balance will be my butter substitute on everything else.

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