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Mindful Eating and Kettle Corn

I don’t know if you saw it, but yesterday I posted this comparison chart on Brooklyn Fit Mami.

This morning as I took my daughter to school I found myself DYING for some kettle corn. Instantaneously I was starving, and absolutely NEEDED kettle corn. I also immediately thought about the chart I’d posted and figured out my “need” had everything to do with my feelings about my beloved aunt being sick and very little to do with any physiological need for fuel.

While all that realizing and mindfulness is fabulous, it did nothing to quell my desire for some salty, sweet, crunchy goodness. I mean, isn’t that the reality of any form of cheating/bad behavior? You know it’s not good for you, but it would taste/feel/look SO good. Your mind’s telling you NO! But your senses are singing a different tune!

What’s a Fit Mami to do in the middle of an emotional eating craving?

I gave in! Yup. As I type I am munching on Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop kettle corn and drinking my favorite Yogi Revitalize Peppermint tea.

Mindful eating isn’t about always eating the “right” foods at the right times. It’s about being aware of why you are choosing to eat what you are eating. Taking a moment to make your decisions about food conscious can make the difference between reaching your goals on schedule or possibly not at all. It is the unconscious, auto-pilot snacking the can wreak havoc on your nutritional health and well-being. The fact that emotional eating does hit suddenly means we are less likely to make wise choices about what we reach for. Take my morning for example.

I was very tearful and stressed today, the perfect storm for mindless eating. I was distracted doing morning stuff for Miss M, thinking about making travel plans, today’s to do list for work and home and reminiscing on times spent with my aunt. Of course, in the middle of all that, what happens? *poof* The little impulse devil popped onto my shoulder and whispered “Some yummy kettle corn will make it ALL better….”  Then my lil mindful fit angel chimed in. “Yup. Kettle corn sure would make you feel better. Be sure you get the low fat healthy version at 30 calories a bag! Oh, and drink some tea with it so you don’t overeat and end up feeling worse.” Honest! That’s just how it went.

Listen, life happens. There are times when we need some comfort food. The goal is to take a moment to be aware of the influence of our emotions and make the effort to choose the healthiest form of feel good food available.

Do you have certain situations that consistently trigger your need to munch?

Are there any ways you can make your go-to comfort food healthier?

Leave a comment below and tell me about it.



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