How long will I need to be in therapy?

That’s a tough one to answer. My job is, essentially, to eliminate my job as soon as possible. Your job is to commit and do the work required to support your healing.

I would say the minimum timeframe to expect to be in therapy is 8 weeks of weekly sessions. After 8 weeks, you will have tools to help you more effectively deal with your anxiety and/or depression and should be feeling significant relief.

From that point on we can revisit how you’re feeling and determine if our sessions should be less often or more frequent. Your therapy experience is custom tailored to you and is responsive to your needs at that moment in time.

That said, I’m not a psychotherapist so you won’t be seeing me weekly for decades. We will move from weekly sessions, to bi-weekly sessions and then to monthly check-ins and eventually you may decide even those are no longer necessary. That point is a win for both of us!

What should I expect during the first session?

During our initial session, we’ll talk about what brought you to therapy and what life will look like when you’re finished with therapy.

Our first session is similar to creating a map. We will identify where we are and where we want to go. Then we’ll talk about how we’ll get there.

You’ll know what to expect from me and what your responsibilities are.

From the first to the last session we will be talking about you and how you can move closer to living the life you want and deserve.

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Ana Maria Serrano

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