Yes, that is a heavy title for a blog, but this is where I am right now. Whether you are struggling to find the motivation to lose weight, feeling overwhelmed by all that you are facing in life, miserable in your job, or just feeling blah about life in general, this blog is for you.

Mindfulness practice can help you to navigate through these challenges and help you to get in touch with the true you, which will then help you to achieve the goals AND life you want for yourself.

Do you remember who you were before circumstances of life turned you into the person you are today?

Who would you be if you didn’t have any constraints and baggage holding you back?

This is the person you will rediscover through mindfulness practice.

My mindfulness course entitled “Rediscovering Your Authentic Self” is currently being featured at the Goddess Yiniversity at!rediscovering-your-authentic-self/c1v7i. With this course, I will guide you through the process of incorporating mindfulness practice into your daily life. Right away, you will begin to experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of this practice, such as increased dopamine levels and physical changes in the brain to decrease stress levels.

Lower stress levels? I know that caught your attention!

In your journey to a healthier and fitter body, it is important to consider how your mind and spirit are connected to your body. When you can increase the health of each component, you will begin to experience increased overall well-being—this is the kind of stuff that can transform your life and help you to finally get out of your rut and start living life to the fullest.

Each lesson in this course will involve prompts for reflection and journaling that are designed to help you see your innermost self. If you are someone who wants to deepen inner awareness or are seeking to bring a higher level of authenticity, inward peace and personal care into your daily life, this course is the vehicle to get you there.

If you are ready to say goodbye to lack of motivation, complacency, self-hatred, and poor boundaries, now is your time. Check out “Rediscovering Your Authentic Self” and let this be the year you step out of your comfort zone and get that life you have always wanted. This course is available for 10% off through March 30th, 2013.

To learn more about this Goddess Yiniversity course and receive the "Rediscovering Your Authentic Self" course for 10% off, visit!rediscovering-your-authentic-self/c1v7i. For more information about workout plans, finding the motivation to lose weight, nutrition coaching and all of the tools you need to get fit fast, connect with Brooklyn Fit Mami at