That was the first line of a little rant I posted on my Facebook page. Now before I get into that, which I will, I want us to do a little imagining. Let us say you want to buy a house. First thing you would do is start to save for the down payment.  We will also imagine that you need a little assistance in designing a budget and someone to help keep you accountable. Therefore, you hire a financial planner who has you track your expenses and after reviewing them explains that you have to cut your Starbucks habit, your shoe habit, and various other little expenses in order to have your down payment within your desired timeframe. You wince a little, but you agree, focusing on the long-term goal of home ownership. Then you go out with your friend Susie. Usually you two go to Starbucks but you tell her that is a no go for the next 6 months because you are saving for your house. Immediately Susie explains that she owns her house and she NEVER gave up HER Starbucks! She proceeds to explain that your financial planner does not know what he’s talking about and you better enjoy your latte! You only live once you know!

Would you listen to Susie, go ahead, and spend money on Starbucks?

Or would you stick with the plan that you and the professional you hired made, that will get you to goal on time? The disciplined you would ignore Miss Susie and sacrifice the immediate satisfaction for the eventually sweetness of success. Without a doubt when you are having your house warming party Susie will ask “Girl, how did you get the money for this place so fast?!?” How? You gave up the Starbucks, you didn’t go out for drinks with the girls every week. You understood that you would eventually do these things again, but for now, they were a no-go.

It is the same thing with your diet. It is the little things you sacrifice that make a big difference in how soon you reach your goal. Cutting out high glycemic index fruits is a quick and easy way to jump start weight loss. It is listening to your nutritional financial planner, a coach like me, or a nutritionist, when we suggest little but effective tweaks that will determine how quickly you reach your goal. What generally happens when we make a suggestion, unlike what happens with a financial planner is that you go ask Susie because you are mad or you ignore us. You do not want to give up bananas or rice or whatever food it is that you hold dear. What does Susie say? “GO AHEAD!” *sigh* Susie tells you how she lost weight by doing and eating XYZ. Then you go ahead and eat what your coach told you not to. My question is, why would anyone follow anecdotal stories rather than professional guidance?

You would not take financial advice from any and everybody. Why listen to them about what you put in your body?

I had a client who ate half a banana in her Shakeology daily. From day 1 I encouraged her to let them go because they are little sugar bombs. She chose not to give them up. On day 150 or so, she was looking to make the scale move. I reviewed her diet and mentioned we should cut carbs. She agreed. As she tracked her carbs she observed how carb heavy that banana was. In our private FB challenge group she posted “Coach don’t laugh…..I may never eat a half banana again! I almost fell out my bed last night when I saw that it had 23 grams of carbs!!! Good grief!!!”  Exactly.

My point is, I know what to do to get you fit and healthy. You may still lose doing it your way, or Susie’s way or Joe Schmo’s way, but I know how to get you there quicker. I am here tell you which foods to cut to get the job done in the shortest time.


Therefore, my rant was about people’s unwillingness to give up a little to get a whole lot. Here it is:

          Everybody wanna go to heaven nobody wanna die. I swear this is what it is with losing weight. Everybody wants to eat the same things they’ve been eating and get a change. Everybody is a nutritionist or knows someone who is so they know better than the person who makes their living doing it day in and day out. The person they hired! It’s insane. And exhausting. If anyone reading this wants to make a change, I will be there for you step by step from day 1 until you say it’s the end. But if all you want to do is waste your money on DVD’s you won’t do because you have 1000 excuses or buy Shakeology and drink it for breakfast and eat McDonald’s at night. Please skip me. I’m NOT the coach for you. I don’t want your money I want you to get healthy and be your best! *rant over*”

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~Ana María