The words of the day are SORE and SHOULDERS! WOW! Some people are sorest the day after a workout. That is not the case with me. I hit peak soreness about 2 days later. Last night I did all I could to NOT have to lift my arms at all. 🙂 So waking up to Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3 where the first exercise is a sumo squat with an overhead press wasn’t a "Good morning" I was happy to see. But, as Chalene Johnson tells you during the warm up, warming up loosens muscles and relieves soreness. By the end of the warm up I was good to go. As with the other Burn Circuit workouts the goal is to use weights heavy enough that you reach failure at 10-12 reps. If you go rep for rep with the workout, you will do a total of 72 squats and 36 lunges! O_O I did a few less because on a couple of exercises I reached failure at 10 or 11 reps. See?



As I mentioned in previous posts, I have knee issues. I’d like to take a moment to repeat that I am not having ANY knee issues this round, even with lunging with 20 pound weights. How is that? I am focused on sticking my glutes to the wall behind me, then on going low. People insist that it is hard to have good form during squats and lunges, but that’s because they are focusing on bringing their butt low rather than pushing it back. Pushing the butt back keeps your weight in your heels and keeps the knee over the ankle. This saves your knees. Going low requires strength you may or may not have. Forcing the position means your form will suffer and so will your knees. You should always be able to see your shoe laces when squatting because your knees, butt and shoulders are back.


Focusing on good form is one thing and shoes are another. I have all kinds of sneakers in my house. Many of them I bought because I saw Chalene wearing them in a video. I’ve learned a lot over the years doing that. For me, when it comes to lifting weights, I need to be as close to barefoot as I can get. I need some arch support as well. All my Nike’s with the Shox in the heel throw my balance off and make it hard for me to keep the weight in my heels when squating and lunging. Yesterday I saw some Fila Skeletoes. I know there are different types of barefoot shoes, some more expensive than others, but I don’t care about brand. I thought the price was great and so I got them. I LOVE them! They supported my feet wonderfully during Burn Circuit 3. I felt close to barefoot without worrying about my foot slipping on my carpet, which is why I can’t workout barefoot. We’ll see how they work with the Interval workouts.

I’m looking forward to doing some clean eating today. I finished my Shakeology Cleanse yesterday and I’m down 4 pounds in 3 days. The first 2 times I did the cleanse I dropped 7 pounds in 3 days. I’m a bit disappointed, but all in all 4 pounds in a week is great, let alone 3 days!

On that happy note I’m signing out for today, with this one last reminder!

Have a wonderful day!


Ana María