Yes, today is Day 4 of the program. It is only the 3rd workout since the second day was a rest day. I titled my Chalean Extreme review from yesterday Day 2 which was technically incorrect. Bare with me. 😉 I’m a little sore from Burn Circuit 2, but nothing unbareable. My knees are feeling great and for that I am thankful! The schedule for today was Burn Interval and Ab Burner. What can I say about Burn Intervals? There were times where Chalene said it was the recovery period and I thought it was harder than the high intensity part! LOL I’m typing this review with shaky tired hands as my legs still tremble. I can’t deny it though, I love intervals. The sweat factor increases exponentially and I LOVE to sweat! It’s kind of unbelievable because 15 years ago when I first got into working out, I HATED sweating. Now I understand!

Burn Intervals (BI) is very different than the Burn Circuits (BC) in that this time you go for light weights and to a "bajillion" reps. That is Chalene’s EXACT word, a "bajillion". The goal of this workout is to increase endurance. In BC2 my lightest weight was 10 pounds and I went up to 20. Today in BI I worked with 3 and 5 pounds. We alternated between intense cardio intervals and weights training interval of approximately 2 minutes each. In many ways it is a precursor to TurboFire in that it gets your body used to bursts of intense cardio. Once again my lower body took a beating. The lunges hurt so good. The great thing is Chalene encourages you to do everything at your own pace and to keep your form proper. This round my nemesis is the bowler’s lunge.

I absolutely loathe them but I put my all into them because they do great things for your outer thighs and hips. Like most women, I have some mixed feelings about my thighs. 😉 The one thing I know is that regardless of whether they are the size I want, they are strong and could be and the entire Chalean Extreme program is going to make them stronger and leaner. This was one workout where my Energy and Endurance formula saved my butt. I can always tell when it’s one of those killer workouts that would normally have wiped me out half way through. The fact that this is Day 2 of my group’s Shakeology Cleanse didn’t help my endurance levels any either.

The second part of the workout was Ab Burner. Nothing new to report here. 10 minutes of great ab work some exercises used weights. I think the best thing about Ab Burner is the reminder

Leave me a comment and tell me what fitness quote or saying motivates you! You’ve already seen 2 of my favorites. 😉

Have a wonderful day! I’m off to do the same!


Ana María